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Lymphie Strong's Favorite Things

Veronica of Lymphie Strong!


We are proud to announce that BrightLife has teamed up with Veronica, founder of Lymphie Strong! We are working together to promote lymphedema education and share resources among the community. Here is a list of Veronica's top compression garments and accessories to manage lymphedema. Check out her favorite things below:

Jobst Elvarex Custom Garments

Jobst Elvarex custom armsleeve and waist highs are made from a flat-knit fabric with your choice of a variety of different colored fabrics. Work with your lymphedema therapist or doctor to decide the best options for you. These garments provide excellent compression and containment.

Shop Jobst Elvarex

JoViPak Pads

These JoViPads come in a variety of sizes. JoViPak pads can be worn under short-stretch bandaging or a compression garment anywhere fibrotic tissue is a problem.

Shop JoViPak Pads

Juzo Compression Wraps

Juzo compression wraps are a great way to manage lymphedema, especially if you have a hard time donning traditional compression garments. These reversible wraps feature velcro closures that are easy to secure. Juzo wraps are designed for the foot, calf, knee, thigh, arm, and hand.

Shop Juzo Wraps


Juzo Soft Compression Garments

Juzo Soft compression garments are available for upper and lower extremities in five compression levels and are known for their soft, elastic fabric. Juzo Soft Armsleeves come in a large variety of options. See for yourself why so many people love the Juzo Soft Collection.

Shop Juzo Soft


Juzo Soft Tie-Dye Dream Colors

The Juzo Soft collection also comes in seasonal solid, tie-dye and sheer colors. Choose from a variety of fun colors in the Spring/Summer and in the Fall/Winter. Available in four compression levels and a ton of sizing options for both upper and lower extremities. 

Shop Juzo Tie-Dye



Juzo Slippie Gator

The Juzo Slippie Gator works wonders in helping you get your compression garments on faster and easier, especially when it comes to those higher compression levels! This donning aid works for both open and closed toe compression socks.

Shop Juzo Slippie


It Stays Body Adhesive

This body adhesive is a total game changer, especially if you rock a lot of thigh highs. Simply roll it on your skin to keep your garment held in place all day without needing a silicone top band or garters. It is safe to use on your compression garments without damaging the fabric and easily washes off after use. This adhesive can also be used for wigs or toupees, costumes, bra or shoulder straps, and more.

Shop It Stays



Juzo SoftCompress

This innovative product can be used as a liner or a first layer of bandaging. Available for upper and lower extremities in a variety of options to promote lymphatic drainage. These pads are machine washable and made from 100% cotton, which is great for sensitive skin.

Shop Juzo SoftCompress


Jobst Farrow Classic Legpiece  

This off-the-shelf calf wrap is designed for moderate to severe leg swelling. Since it is a wrap, it is easy to apply and remove and can accommodate fluctuations in your swelling. The Farrow Classic line also includes a footpiece as well as a thighpiece. 

Shop Farrow Classic 

Jolastic Garment Washing Solution 

Jolastic Garment Washing Solution is a warm water washing solution specifically designed for compression garments. Formulated to remove, soil, body oils and skin salts quickly and easily without damaging the delicate fabric of your compression garments. 

Shop Jolastic Garment Washing Solution 

Thanks for checking it out. Comment what your favorite lymphedema products are below!


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