30-40 mmHg Compression Socks and Stockings

30-40 mmHg compression socks, also known as Class II compression, are used to treat a variety of moderate to severe medical conditions including edema, lymphedema, venous stasis ulcers, deep vein thrombosis and venous insufficiency. This compression level should only be worn when prescribed by your doctor or health care provider. BrightLife Direct has plenty of styles and lengths available so that you can find the perfect match.

Doctors recommend 30-40 mmHg compression stockings for chronic venous insufficiency. This takes place when valves in the veins become damaged, which can lead to blood pooling in the legs. Pooled blood can cause swelling, aching, pain and even skin damage or ulcers. 30-40 mmHg compression socks will increase circulation and provide relief from painful symptoms.