Foam & Padding

In the treatment of lymphedema, foam and foam padding is often applied over stockinette. Foams help evenly distribute the compression from the short-stretch bandages, the final layer in the wrapping process. Foam can also be built-up over bony protuberances and areas that required more drainage.

The same is true of padding. Pads are applied on top of problem areas, like fibrotic or hardened tissue, and secured with gauze. Pads gently stimulate the tissue, encouraging the release of interstitial fluids.

Mediven for Men Select 20-30 mmHg - Wide Calf

Mediven LymphPads

Break up hardened fibrotic tissue with these innovative pads from Mediven. Worn under bandages or compression garments, these pads stimulate the ly...

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Sigvaris MidSheer Thigh Highs 20-30 mmHg

CompriFoam (Case)

CompriFoam is typically the second layer of wrapping, after stockinette. Foam serves two main purposes. It evenly distributes the compression from ...

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