40-50 mmHg Compression Socks and Stockings

If you suffer from serious leg or vein-related conditions, you might benefit from 40-50 mmHg compression stockings. Also known as Class III compression, 40-50 mmHg is the highest level of compression we offer. Since its effects can be significant, these stockings should only be worn when prescribed by a doctor. If you need them, we’ve got several styles and lengths to choose from.

40-50 mmHg graduated compression socks provide maximum pressure to your feet and legs in order to help treat severe medical conditions. Like lower levels, Class III compression helps with blood circulation and provides more support. This level is typically used to treat severe varicosities, chronic venous insufficiency, and post-thrombotic syndrome. Doctors can also recommend 40-50 mmHg compression socks to treat severe edema, deep vein thrombosis, lymphedema, and open venous ulcers. Due to their usage for severe cases, it is important to ask your doctor if you need 40-50 mmHg compression socks before purchasing them. They will recommend the proper level based on the severity of your condition.