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Perspectives from the Lymphatic Duo - What we wish you knew

Written by Jennifer Edmondson and Teresa Iattoni Chances are, unless you or a loved one has Lymphedema, you might not have ever heard of this serious and potentially life-threatening disease. Jennifer Edmondson, JD, a secondary Lymphedema survivor, and Teresa Iattoni,...

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Best Socks for Mail Carriers

As a mail carrier, you're on your feet all day delivering packages, making you prone to leg and foot pain, spider and varicose veins, swollen ankles and feet. Luckily, there is a solution to help ease the pain- compression socks! Keep reading to see why you should wear them and shop our recommendations.
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We Make Compression Comfortable™

Since 1999, BrightLife Direct has specialized in providing medical compression garments for men and women. We offer a large variety of brands, sizes, styles, compression levels and accessories. Whether you wear compression daily for medical reasons or occasionally for travel and general wellness, you are sure to find what you need with BrightLife Direct.  Not sure what to get? We're here to help! Our dedicated Customer Service team is incredibly knowledgeable and friendly, ensuring every customer receives first-class service and the compression garment that is right for their specific needs.