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Ulcer Care

What is a venous skin ulcer and how is it treated? A venous skin ulcer is an open wound that typically develops on the lower leg and can take months to heal. Wearing compression stockings is the single most effective way of controlling the painful fluid buildup and pooling of blood in the lower legs that cause venous skin ulcers. As a preventative measure, you can greatly improve your chances of remaining ulcer-free by wearing compression stockings on a daily basis.

Most UlcerCare systems consist of two parts. An inner light compression liner is donned first to cover and protect the bandaging on an active ulcer and also to prevent abrasions from the higher compression outer garment rubbing against sensitive, ulcer-prone skin. The UlcerCare Management systems that we sell include at least one liner. We also sell packs of liners which you may need. It is important to clean and change the inner liner as needed, but at least daily. The outer garment is usually 40mmHg in compression and is sometimes offered with a zipper to help don the stocking without it rubbing directly against sensitive skin.

  • Includes at least 1 liner and 1 outer compression stocking
  • Supplies the 40mmHg gradient compression needed for a venous ulcer to heal
  • Light compression liner stocking holds dressing in place, helps the outer compression stocking to slide on easier and can be worn day and night
  • Some Ulcer Management Stockings offer a zipper for easier donning