Women's Compression Pantyhose

BrightLife Direct carries the largest selection of women’s compression pantyhose. We have a wide variety of styles in the most common compression levels, including support hose from brands like JOBST, Juzo, Mediven, Sigvaris, Therafirm, Allegro, and more. Check out our entire selection of women’s pantyhose, or use the filters to narrow your selection even further.

Sometimes referred to as waist-high stockings, support hose, or tights, our compression pantyhose offer a variety of health benefits to women. If you suffer from medical issues throughout your legs, like varicose veins or arthritis, pantyhose can help relieve pain and prevent further issues.

Our pantyhose aren’t just for women with medical conditions, though. Expecting mothers can also help ward off varicose veins and aching legs that can occur due to pregnancy. You can find our specific recommendations for maternity pantyhose here.

Compression pantyhose can also be great for anyone who just wants to have healthier legs, since they improve blood circulation – which means you’ll be more energized throughout the day!

If you’re worried about disrupting your sense of fashion, don’t be! While many people associate compression garments with their grandparents, brands have increasingly produced fashionable AND functional stockings. Many of our compression pantyhose look exactly like the tights or leggings you’d normally wear. Looking for a different style? We’ve also got women’s knee-high compression socks and thigh-high stockings.