Solaris Collection by L&R

Solaris makes high-quality, comfortable compression products focused on treating venous diseases, lymphedema, and chronic edema on almost any part of the body. Solaris has focused on creating comfortable, wearable products to treat these conditions - products that customers will want to wear continuously. Solaris now has 5 lines of products: ReadyWrap compression wraps, Exo compression stockings and armsleeves, Swell Spot pads for wrapping, Caresia bandage liners, and Tribute night-time garments. Solaris is owned by L&R USA.

ReadyWrap for legs and feet are used to reduce swelling or assist in the healing off venous ulcerations. The thigh, calf and foot pieces can be worn separately or together to provide compression from toe to upper thigh. ReadyWrap mimics traditional bandaging, using non-elastic Velcro straps, and can be put on and taken off very easily. ExoStrong & ExoSoft are the new lines of ready-to-wear compression garments. ExoStrong is made from flat-knit fabric like custom compression garments. This product offers high containment, very important if you swell, at a fraction of the cost of custom. ExoSoft is an extremely comfortable circular knit available in stockings, armsleeves and gloves. Solaris Swell Spots are made of an innovative "chip foam" technology that gently stimulates the underlying tissue, breaking down fibrotic tissues and encouraging the release of interstitial fluids and waste products, that can then be removed by the lymphatic system. Swell Spots can be placed anywhere on the body and are typically used under a garment or bandaging. Caresia Bandage Liners replace stockinette and multiple layers of foam and padding, making the bandaging process much faster and easier. Just slip on the Caresia liner and wrap with short-stretch bandages. We also sell Tribute night wear garments for lymphedema. Tribute garments are custom made, so online ordering is not available. Please call for assistance at 1-877-545-8585.