Women's Compression Socks and Stockings

BrightLife Direct offers a large selection of women’s compression socks, stockings, and pantyhose, including products from an array of premium brands like Jobst, Juzo, Sigvaris, Medi, Therafirm, and many more.

From knee-highs to thigh-highs, we’ve got the compression socks you need, whether it’s for aiding maternity or energizing your athletic lifestyle. You can even make our compression products fun by choosing between different colors and sizes for the perfect fashionable fit – no more sacrificing fashion for health. We’ve also got socks for petite and plus-sized women so that everyone can enjoy their benefits. If you struggle with varicose veins or just spend too much time standing or sitting, our compression socks are for you. They’re proven to help women who are suffering from spider veins, as well as swollen legs, poor blood circulation, and even leg fatigue. Compression pantyhose can also be extremely beneficial to expecting mothers who are at risk of developing varicose veins and other leg-related conditions during the span of their pregnancy. In fact, just about all women can benefit from the healing and recovery effects of compression garments. Compression socks for nurses are particularly popular, but our garments are also perfect for air travel and other long trips. Our women’s compression stockings are available at all levels of compression, from 8-15 mmHg to 40-50 mmHg. And though they’re primarily designed for health benefits, the thin, sheer material of our stockings makes them very comfortable. Plus, they’re built to last! Thanks to increased pain relief, these socks will keep you energized throughout the day - so say goodbye to tired and achy legs once and for all! You can narrow down our selection below to find the perfect fit for you.