CircAid Compression Wraps

CircAid makes compression easier. Juxta-Fit and Juxta-Lite compression garments are instantly adjustable. If you have lymphedema and struggle with bandaging or compression stockings, consider a Juxta legging. Regular compression stockings provide constant compression; sitting, standing, or laying down, the compression remains constant. CircAid compression garments provide dynamic compression. Juxta Fit and Juxta Lite are inelastic and provide compression similar to bandaging. The compression increases when you are active and decreases when you're at rest. This change in compression improves blood flow and reduces edema more dramatically. It also means the garment can be worn for longer periods of time, round the clock if necessary, without discomfort. CircAid's Reduction Kit's replace bandaging and wrapping, and have revolutionized the decongestive phase of lymphedema treatment. Available for both upper and lower extremities. The Built-In Pressure System (BPS) can be adjusted to provide 20-30, 30-40, or 40-50mmHg. Talk to your therapist and see if this is a fit for you!