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How to Care for your Compression Garments

care and wash instructions for compression 
Check the packaging before you wash your compression because every garment is different when it comes to washing instructions. This is because compression is sewn with delicate fibers that require special care to maintain their strength and elasticity. Some brands are machine wash and dry while others require you to hand wash and air dry. Before you wear your new compression it may be helpful to wash it, to reduce stiffness and remove dyes that can cause an allergic reaction. You should use a mild detergent, like this oneHowever, any detergent free of bleach, chlorine and dye will work. Never use fabric softener, it will form an invisible film that bacteria loves to grow on. Remember, proper wash and care will extend the life of your garment.

Hand wash?  

Your compression may require you to hand wash it. Carefully hand washing your garments will extend their life by keeping them working longer.  

hand wash compression
★ Fill a sink with warm water 
★ Pour a mild detergent into the water and agitate the water with your hands to evenly distribute the detergent
★ Soak your compression in the warm water 
gently rub to wash compression
★ While in the water, gently agitate by rubbing with your fingers and palms 
★ Do not use aggressive rubbing, you can ruin the fibers 
★ Do not stretch your compression in any way- this may result in deformity or stretching 
★ This process should only take a few minutes 
rinse compression to hand wash proper care
★ Once you have properly washed your socks, drain the soapy water and add warm, clean water 
★ Rinse your compression gently in the water to ensure there is no remaining soap
hang to dry compression do not use dryer
★ After rinsing, remove them from the water and gently squeeze with your hands 
★ Do not twist or stretch your compression, because the elastic might become damaged and may lose its compression 
★ After most of the excess water is removed, place them on a flat surface or a hanger to dry.

    You did it! Now you have clean compression that's ready to work another day.

    How often should you wash? 

    You should wash your compression garments after every wear. This helps remove bacteria and body oil, leaving your compression fresh and clean. Also, when compression is washed it allows the elastic fibers to bounce back and retain their initial stretch. 

    Silicone band not sticking?

    A silicone band that used to work, but is suddenly slipping, is an easy fix. If it has lost its grip, there may be natural body oil or lotion build-up preventing it from sticking. You can fix this by wiping the silicone with rubbing alcohol or washing it with dish soap. Afterwards, your silicone will grip like the day you bought it.

    Useful compression accessories

    • Laundry bag to protect your compression from your harsh washing machine.
    • Environmentally friendly detergent.


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