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Mediven is the largest manufacturer of compression garments in the world. What makes it so popular? You can get a Custom fit - most Mediven compression stocking styles come in 14 sizes for a near custom fit. Easy Care - all Medi compression hosiery can be machine washed and dried. Amazing reviews from customers like you! Luxury, high-tech fabric - Sheer & Soft is the softest, most breathable sheer stocking available. Medi for Men Socks sets a new standard for fit and comfort


Providing up to seven sizes per style in both regular and petite lengths, Mediven customers get the closest thing to a custom fit. Choose from ready-to-wear garments or order a custom garment to fit your needs and lifestyle. All of these garments are made from the best quality fabrics and can even be machine washed and dried so it is easier than ever to care for. With over 60 years of experience with compression technology, these products are made to be extremely comfortable, promote health and aid in recovery. People no longer see Medi products as “devices”, but rather as a seamless part of their daily lives. Mediven has it's roots in the small town of Pausa, Germany. About 1920, Albert Weihermueller and Berthold Voigtmann founded Weihermueller & Voigtmann to manufacture flat-knit compression stockings. The company prospered and grew, and in 1951 their descendants moved the company to Beyreuth, Germany, where this family owned business is still located today.

In 1982 Medi USA was founded. In the years to follow, Medi would expanded their product lines to include 320 product brands including the most popular line of sport compression products in the world, CEP. This line is perfect for active people to protect them from injuries, enhance performance and speed up recovery. Today Medi has branches in 14 countries and is the leader in the management and treatment of conditions related to venous disease, edema, lymphedema, orthopedics and amputation-prosthetics. Accurate graduated compression is guaranteed to ensure that you benefit from compression garments as much as possible. Medi works tirelessly to make their company slogan "I feel better" a reality for millions of people by constantly developing products and technologies that give people a better quality of life. Mediven’s goal is to make your life easier and to help you feel more comfortable on a daily basis.