Men's Waist Highs

It’s true – pantyhose for men exists (though you might have heard them called waist-high compression stockings). If you need to wear compression over your entire leg and thigh highs aren't staying up, our compression pantyhose are the way to go. While most of our pantyhose selection is unisex, we do have some styles designed specifically for men - that means they have a convenient fly waist.

Since the term pantyhose is typically associated with women’s clothing, men’s variants are often called waist-high stockings, tights, or leotards, but the design is the same. No matter what they’re called, more and more men are starting to wear pantyhose, especially if they’re suffering from a medical condition. Who wears pantyhose? All kinds of men do! The most common use for compression pantyhose for men is related to medical purposes, whether it’s recovering from surgery or relieving pain and discomfort from leg-related conditions. Men also wear them to treat or prevent varicose veins or circulatory issues. BrightLife Direct has pantyhose in a variety of compression levels to help treat these problems. Some men wear waist-high compression stockings as part of their normal everyday outfits. Even if it’s not in-line with your personal fashion tastes, men’s pantyhose can help your legs feel healthier and more energized throughout the day. Our men’s waist-high compression stockings can also provide benefits for athletes who want to improve their circulation during a workout (as well as add an additional layer of warmth on cold days). When you’re ready to buy a pair of men’s compression tights, BrightLife Direct offers a large selection that includes brands like JOBST, Solidea, Mediven, and our own Allegro, meaning you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for your fashion tastes and your legs. Make sure to consult the sizing information for each product – sizing can vary greatly between brands, fabrics, and styles. If you need help, read our guide about how to measure your legs for compression socks or call our certified fitters at 1-877-545-8585.