Womens Plus Size

Our plus-size women's stockings are a selection of our compression socks for women that are designed specifically to fit plus-size women.

Knee Highs: Jobst offers a full-calf size in their knee highs to fit a calf circumference of 18-24". Mediven's wide-calf sizes go up to 24.5". Core-Spun will fit a calf up to 25.5" around, and Allegro Surgical and Juzo Max up to 26".The Sigvaris Select Comfort PLUS can fit up to a 28" Calf - available in 20-30 and 30-40 mmHg.

Thigh Highs: Allegro has Sheers and Surgical Weight thigh highs in size XXXL to fit a thigh up to 36" in circumference. Juzo Max will fit a 37" upper thigh.

Pantyhose: Juzo's 2581/2582 and 2081/2082 pantyhose, with an adjustable waist band and high elastic body part, are designed to fit women with a large abdomen and buttocks. Allegro has Sheer and Surgical Weight pantyhose sized up to Queen Plus. Comfort Plus from Sigvaris will fit hips up to 70" around.

Be sure to check all of your measurements against the size chart for the item you wish to purchase. If you need help with sizing, call us at 1-877-545-8585