Juzo SoftCompress

Juzo's new line of SoftCompress pads and bandage liners are an innovative way to effectively manage edema throughout the body. These pads and liners are designed to be worn under compression bandaging, compression wraps or other compression garments. 
SoftCompress has vertically stitched foam channels which creates differences in pressure to effectively move fluid. This product is designed specifically to promote lymph drainage and prevent soft tissue fibrosis. All pads are covered in 100% cotton, which makes it great for sensitive skin.
Choose from body specific pads (for knees, elbows, breast, etc.) or a roll of padding that can be applied on different limbs. Some items, like the arm and lower leg liners, can be customized by cutting the garment. We recommend you work with your lymphedema therapist or medical professional to select the correct item and size.