Juzo Compression Wraps

New from Juzo! Reversible compression wraps that are easy to wear and provide great health benefits. These wraps are great for customers with moderate to severe lymphedema, ulcers, and anyone who struggles to wear high compression stockings or bandages.

Regular compression stockings provide constant compression; sitting, standing, or laying down, the compression remains constant. This wrap from Juzo provides a different type of compression - dynamic compression. Dynamic Compression increases when you are active and decreases when you're at rest. This change in compression improves blood flow and reduces edema more dramatically. It also means the garment can be worn for longer periods of time, round the clock if necessary, without discomfort.

Unlike other compression wraps, Juzo wraps feature 2 different colors in one garment. These items are reversible, so you can wear black one day and beige the next. They also feature easy pull tabs to help you get the product on and off.