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Full Leg Compression Wraps For Lymphedema

Solaris ReadyWrap - CircAid Juxta Fit and Juxta Lite - FarrowWrap by Jobst - Biacare CompreFlex and CompreFit


The Solaris ReadyWrap is a great alternative to elastic compression hosiery. Combine the ReadyWrap foot, calf, knee and thigh components for a full-leg compression wrap. Each piece comes with one silver liner that is antimicrobial to protect your foot and leg. ReadyWrap units are made with alternating velcro closure straps to ensure equalized torque and feature a color coded strapping system for quick and easy donning. These wraps are much easier to get on and off than traditional short-stretch bandaging. ReadyWrap prevents gapping with a 50% overlap on Calf, Knee and Thigh units. Designed with low-stretch materials for a contoured “custom” fit and to provide higher working and lower resting compression levels. ReadyWrap units are available in black or beige.

These non-elastic adjustable compression therapy garments are made latex free in the U.S.A. ReadyWrap garments are not intended for compression over 40 mmHg. If you notice deep indentations, skin irritation, or indentations that last more than 30 minutes, do not continue to use ReadyWrap until you consult with your doctor.

  • Solaris ReadyWrap foot, calf, knee and thigh units can be combined for full leg coverage.

      Garment Care: To clean your ReadyWrap, hand wash in warm water with mild detergent and lay flat on a lint-free towel to dry. Squeeze the ReadyWrap to remove excess water. Do not machine wash or dry. To clean the Silver Liners, machine wash in warm water and tumble dry on low heat. Do not use bleach for fabric softeners.
      Donning: To check the compression, insert your index, middle and ring fingers between the straps. If they do not fit comfortably, the straps may be too tight. Always wear a clean liner under your ReadyWrap. To apply, either stand or sit with your legs stretched out in front of you to don the lower extremity garments. For full leg coverage, the knee unit should be put on last. Watch this video for additional donning help. To remove ReadyWrap, fold each strap back and fasten the hook to prevent tangling and to make it easier to don next time.

      The ReadyWrap Foot unit is designed specifically for the left or right foot for a contoured fit. This breathable wrap can be worn with other ReadyWrap units for full leg coverage or alone for localized foot swelling. Designed to fit with most shoes and can easily be adjusted to accommodate for daily girth fluctuations.
      The Solaris ReadyWrap Calf unit provides an adjustable compression level of 30-40 mmHg. This compression therapy garment looks like a sport brace and is non-elastic and reusable. Available in two lengths.

      The ReadyWrap Thigh unit can be worn with the other Solaris ReadyWrap components, or by itself for swelling from the knee to groin. If the thigh unit slips, try fastening the top strap in a “V” or “cross” design. This ReadyWrap thigh unit is available in two lengths.

      For full leg coverage, the ReadyWrap Knee unit should be put on last so it can be adjusted easily. Designed for patella swelling or as a bridge with the calf and thigh ReadyWrap units. This adjustable support looks like a sport brace and is made from a comfortable and breathable material.



      Circaid Juxta Fit wraps are the perfect alternative to compression stockings. If you have lymphedema and you have a hard time with bandaging or compression stockings, Juxta is for you. This latex-free, inelastic compression garment is instantly adjustable and can be worn day and night. The easy application design enables you to live an independent life while alleviating the struggles of using bandaging and/or compression stockings.

      Made from a cool, lightweight, Breathe-O-Prene® material to keep your skin dry and cool. The SILVERtec™ liner helps to prevent bacteria, odor and static from bothering you. The Juxta Fit line has controlled bandwidth gradient compression and limited linear stretch material that hugs your limb and reduces slippage. Made with Nylon, Polyethylene Plastic, Polyurethane, Lycra® and Silver. These Circaid products are used to treat lymphedema, varicose veins, edema, chronic venous insufficiency, post traumatic, post surgical, lipedema, venous eczema, post thrombosis prevention, lipodermatosclerosis, post thrombotic syndrome, angiodysplasia, venous ulcer, post sclerotherapy and more.

      Juxta wraps include the patented BPS (Built-In Pressure System), which allows you to easily adjust your compression level (20-30, 30-40, 40-50mmHg) when you need to without removing the wrap. Each product comes with a BPS guide that you can refer to if it feels too tight to make sure you are using the correct compression level. It should feel firm, but not like your leg is being squeezed. Check to make sure that the pressure is correct and that it is tightened and put on correctly. If everything seems fine, ask your doctor what compression level they would suggest. It is important to note that this product provides dynamic compression, which means that when you are not moving around, the products provide a lower compression, but when you are walking around, the pressure increases.

      The Circaid Juxta Fit line offers Premium and Essentials products. The Essentials line is a more affordable version of the Premium line. Both offer standard sized lower leggings, but the Premium line also offers custom legging options. If you choose custom Premium product and your limb circumference decreases, the garment will still work with a 5-20% reduction/expansion without starting to feel uncomfortable. Juxta Fit Premium products should last between 12-18 months, whereas Essentials products generally last about six months. 

      • Premium: CircAid Juxta Fit Premium Ankle-Foot Wrap, Premium Lower Legging and Essentials Standard Upper Legging can be combined for full leg coverage.
      • Essentials: CircAid Juxta Fit Interlocking Ankle-Foot Wrap, Essentials Standard Lower Legging and Essentials Standard Upper Legging can be combined for full leg coverage.

            Garment Care: It is best to hand wash and air dry it to keep it in pristine condition. If you choose to machine wash it, use a gentle cycle and dry on a low heat setting. Put the legging in a pillowcase if you are washing it with other clothes to keep the Velcro™ from damaging your clothes and help to keep it lint-free.

            For tips on donning and doffing the Juxta Fit Premium & Essentials Legging, watch this video:


            Juxta Fit Interlocking Ankle-Foot Wrap provides 30-50mmHg compression and can fit almost any foot shape. The heel band allows you to adjust the length and target ankle compression.

            Juxta Fit Premium Ankle-Foot Wrap features inelastic adjustable compression for the ankle and foot. The premium products have a lifespan of up to 2 years. Standard and custom sizing is available.
            Juxta Fit Premium Lower Legging is designed with velcro on the straps to lengthen the lifespan of the garment. This legging is available in eight sizes, two standard lengths and three full calf options. Ideal for moderate to severe lymphedema, lipedema or venous disease symptoms.
            Juxta Fit Essentials Standard Lower Legging is the cost effective line of instantly adjustable lower leg dynamic compression for treating moderate to severe lymphedema. Available in eight sizes, two standard lengths and three full calf options.
            Juxta Fit Essentials Standard Upper Legging features easily adjustable inelastic bands which target specific areas as needed throughout the day. It provides leg coverage from the groin to below the knee.

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            JUXTA LITE

            Juxta Lite is also made by CircAid as an economical way to manage mild to moderate lymphedema because it is made from a thinner and lighter material.The Juxta Lite Standard Legging is available in eight sizes and two lengths. The Standard Ankle-Foot Wrap comes in two sizes that fit most. Compression garments maintain the limb shape because of the inelastic nature of the products. However, if you can’t find a size that fits, you can have a custom one made. They do not require help from someone or the use of donning device to put on.

            • The CircAid Juxta Lite Standard Ankle-Foot Wrap and Standard Legging can be combined with the Juxta Fit Essentials Standard Upper Legging for full leg coverage.

              The Juxta Lite Standard Ankle-Foot Wrap is used to treat lymphedema, venous insufficiency, edema, post thrombotic syndrome and venous stasis ulcers. This machine washable wrap covers the ankle and foot and is made from Breathe-O-Prene®, a light, breathable, anti-static and thermodynamic fabric. The material also consists of SILVERtec™ lining, which helps to eliminate odor and bacteria. The patented Juxta-Lock Band System makes application easy, which is ideal for someone who does not have the strength or dexterity to put on compression socks.

              The Juxta Lite Standard Legging is a more affordable way to treat mild to moderate lymphedema in the lower leg. Featuring thin, breathable fabric that naturally fights off bacteria and odor and keeps your skin dry all day and night. Features a BPS (Built-In Pressure System) to adjust the compression level quickly and easily. If worn during the day and night, loosen the bands a little before you fall asleep.

              For tips on donning the Circaid Juxta Lite legging, watch this video:


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              Farrow Medical created the FarrowWrap line, which is now owned by Jobst. These short-stretch dynamic compression garments provide low, steady levels of compression when resting, and higher levels when you are moving around so you always have the perfect amount of compression to keep you comfortable. These garments are easy to get on and off and are applied with Velcro™ for easy adjustment, regardless of swelling.
              FarrowWrap gives patients their independence back through treatment that works. The foot, leg and thigh pieces can be worn in combination for full leg compression. A liner should be worn with all FarrowWrap products. Bike shorts are also recommended to wear over the thighpiece to prevent the garment from slipping. Choose from FarrowWrap Basic and Lite products help manage mild to moderate lymphedema, and the FarrowWrap Strong and Classic products are designed for moderate to severe lymphedema symptoms.

              • Basic: For full leg combine the Basic Foot and Leg pieces with the Lite or Strong Thighpiece.
              • Lite: The FarrowWrap Lite Foot, Leg and Thigh pieces can be combined for full leg coverage.
              • Strong: The Strong Foot, Leg and Thigh pieces can be combined for full leg coverage.
              • Classic: The Classic Foot, Leg and Thigh pieces can be combined for full leg coverage.

                FarrowWrap Basic foot and leg pieces are the new economical alternative compression wrap from Farrow Medical. These garments are durable, comfortable and easy to get on. You can even machine wash and dry them! They are used to treat mild to moderate edema caused by disorders of the venous or lymphatic system. The FarrowWrap Basic Footpiece can be worn on either foot and is made latex free from nylon and spandex. The FarrowWrap Basic Legpiece provides moderate to strong compression and can accommodate swelling fluctuations.
                FarrowWrap Lite products are designed for mild to moderate leg swelling from venous lymphatic and other swelling disorders. They are easy to apply and remove and can also accommodate for changes in your swelling. The FarrowWrap Lite Footpiece is designed to work in conjunction with the Lite Legpiece. For full leg compression, wear the Lite Thighpiece, made with a wrap-around knee piece that is attached to the garment. FarrowWrap Lite products are machine washable and must air dry.
                FarrowWrap Strong products are very durable, comfortable, and easy to get on and off. They are designed to treat moderate to severe swelling from venous, lymphatic and other swelling disorders. These latex free garments are made from nylon and spandex and can accommodate fluctuations in your swelling. You can machine wash them in cold water and dry them with no heat. The long ankle bands on the Strong Footpiece can be wrapped around the forefoot or ankle to provide more compression where needed and is designed to work with the Strong Legpiece. The FarrowWrap Strong Thighpiece is uniquely designed to resist popping into skin folds and features an attached wrap-around kneepiece.
                FarrowWrap Classic products are made out of the original FarrowWrap material (cotton, polyester, nylon and spandex) which is perfect for moderate to severe swelling from venous lymphatic and other swelling disorders. FarrowWrap Classic products are similar to the Strong line, but are made with a different fabric and should be hand washed. They are durable and comfortable and can also accommodate swelling fluctuations. This FarrowWrap line includes a latex free Classic Footpiece that is designed to be worn with the Classic Legpiece, as well as a thighpiece. The FarrowWrap Classic Thighpiece features a wrap-around kneepiece and can also be worn with bike shorts over-top to keep the garment in place.
                Another great Farrow Medical product to control lymphedema and edema is the FarrowWrap 4000 Legpiece. It is the easiest alternative compression wrap to put on. You only have to adjust four Velcro straps! It has an inner elastic sleeve and the anatomical design prevents gaps from forming between the straps for comfort and to help to keep the garment in place. The FarrowWrap 4000 legpiece features short-stretch fabric for comfortable resting compression and provides 30-40mmHg of compression when active. This legpiece is perfect for you if you have a hard time donning high compression stockings or bandaging.

                Watch this video to learn more about FarrowWrap:


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                CompreFLEX provides a lower resting compression and an active compression of 30-40mmHg for mild to moderate lymphedema and venous insufficiencies. This Biacare wrap is a great solution if you wear compression every day or if struggle to don traditional stockings. CompreFLEX provides 30-40mmHg gradient low-stretch compression. Since it is a non-elastic garment, the skin does not stretch as much, helping to reduce swelling. When the calf muscle expands, it presses up against the garment which makes a pumping effect to remove lymph fluid. Designed from a durable Breathe-O-Prene® fabric to prevent fraying and tearing. This soft garment can be worn under most clothing. Machine wash with mild detergent. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners. Machine dry on gentle cycle with low heat.

                • The CompreFLEX LITE BK can be combined with the CompreFLEX TC for full leg coverage.
                • Combine the CompreFLEX BK Calf unit with the CompreFLEX TC for full leg coverage.

                  The Biacare CompreFLEX LITE BK is easy to get on - just slide it over the foot, onto the lower leg and wrap the two straps around the leg to secure the garment. This latex free garment is adjustable to provide daytime compression and features strap extenders to add 10 cm of additional circumferential size. The CompreFLEX BK is available in custom sizes and utilizes built-in elastic straps to keep the garment in place while keeping your hands free to adjust the velcro straps. If you choose to cut this panel off, it will not change the effectiveness of the product, but will make the garment a bit harder to don. Combine the CompreFLEX BK or the CompreFLEX LITE BK with the CompreFLEX TC for full leg compression.

                  Watch this video to learn more about the Biacare CompreFLEX features and use:


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                  The Biacare CompreFit line features products that are used to treat edema, both venous and lymphatic and are safe to wear during the day and night. Biacare designed the CompreFit BK Calf with non-elastic straps that provide 30-40mmHg active compression, with a lower resting compression. This latex free garment is highly adjustable, which is perfect if you experience significant swelling/reduction during the day. It is durable and lightweight to fit under most clothing and keep you comfortable. CompreFit can be trimmed for reduction or enlarged up to 10 cm with strap extenders.

                  • The CompreFit BK Calf can be combined with the CompreFit TC Thigh for full leg coverage.
                  • Combine the CompreFit Plus with the CompreFit TC Thigh unit for full leg coverage.

                    The CompreFit Plus provides the same non-elastic gradient compression of the CompreFit BK Calf, but includes a dense, open cell foam liner. It combines the features of the CompreFit-BK with a high density, low profile liner. The liner provides a soft interface under the CompreFit and is designed for recently healed wounds, fragile skin, and is ideal for use on granulation tissue or indurated (hardened) skin. Combine the CompreFit BK Calf or Plus with the CompreFit TC Thigh unit for full leg compression. This thighpiece includes a knee piece and hip support. The CompreFit line is machine washable.

                    Watch this video to learn more about the Biacare CompreFit features and use:


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