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BiaCare Compression Wraps and Bandaging (by Sigvaris)

BiaCare has been making alternative compression garments for over a decade with an emphasis on lymphedema and wound care. The CompreFlex calf and thigh provide comfortable daytime compression. These garments are very easy to don. Use to treat mild to moderate lymphedema and venous insufficiency. BiaCare's CompreFit system, available in knee, thigh, and foot units provide a high active compression of 30-40mmHg with a lower resting compression. Used together they provide coverage from foot to groin, and can be used day or night. Easy to put on and care for, many physicians prefer the CompreFit system to high compression elastic stockings. The CompreSleeve for upper extremity lymphedema treatment takes the place of traditional bandaging and wrapping and can save a patient hundreds of hours in a year. CompreSleeve provides 20-30mmHg of effective graduated compression and can easily be adjusted as the size of the arm changes. Appropriate for day or night wear. It's soft, slim, comfortable and greatly increases patient compliance. BiaCare also manufactures a wide variety of bandaging and foam chip compression garments for lymphedema treatment that will fit every part of your body.