` ; Solaris ReadyWrap - Arm, Calf, Extender Straps for Lymphedema

Solaris ReadyWraps

ReadyWrap is a revolutionary compression garment available for your legs, feet, arm or hand to reduce swelling or assist in the healing off venous ulceration's. The leg and foot piece can be worn separately or together to provide compression from toe to knee. ReadyWrap mimics traditional bandaging, using non-elastic Velcro straps, and can be put on and taken off very easily. This product is especially beneficial for patients who can not easily bend or have sufficient strength to pull on elastic compression stockings. When worn ReadyWrap look like a sport brace. They can be worn under pants and shoes.

ReadyWrap is a low-stretch medical binder used as an alternative to elastic compression garments. This low-stretch material helps to improve fluid movement by providing low resting and high working pressures. It is a revolutionary compression garment to reduce swelling or help heal venous ulceration in the upper or lower extremities. If you have trouble donning traditional elastic compression stockings, ReadyWrap may be perfect for you. The ReadyWrap is similar to traditional bandaging in that it uses non-elastic Velcro straps to make it easy to get on and off. This product is ideal for those who have a hard time bending or struggle to pull on traditional elastic compression stockings. Why choose ReadyWrap? Color coded strapping system makes it really easy to don and you can wear this garment day or night. If you want the benefits of low-elastic compression and have a hard time tolerating high compression levels, the ReadyWrap is a great solution, especially if elastic garments irritate you. This garment adjusts easily for daily fluctuations in girth. 50% strap overlap prevents gaps between the straps. All ReadyWraps come with a Solaris Silver Liner and are covered under a six month warranty. Hand wash and dry your ReadyWrap.