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What fabrics provide the best containment?

What fabrics provide the best containment?

In a recent post, we explained the difference between compression and containment, and the importance of containment when treating edema. In this blog, we’ll discuss some different options (both custom and ready-to-wear) that provide excellent containment.

Flat knit fabrics provide the highest containment. Flat knit is just as it sounds – a flat piece of fabric that is sewn together with a seam, unlike the circular knit compression garments seen in most stores, which have no seam.  This is the fabric that custom compression stockings and armsleeves are made from.

Custom flat knit stockings are typically prescribed for individuals with large or unusual limb shapes that can’t fit into the ready-to-wear sizes available online or in stores. Custom compression garments are also prescribed for those who have acute or chronic edema or lymphedema.  For upper extremity lymphedema, we do offer one non-custom option in this flat knit fabric – the Medi Mondi Esprit armsleeve. This armsleeve provides the best arm containment and is available in 5 sizes and two lengths.

ReadyWrap Solaris

Another option for high containment, is alternative compression wraps.  These are strips of non-elastic fabric that wrap around your leg, held in place by velcro.  On some brands, like the Juxta line from CircAid, the compression level can be adjusted.  Compression wraps provide dynamic compression, which means they are only working when your muscles are pushing back against the fabric.  This allows them to be worn round-the-clock if necessary.  Other examples of compression wraps are ReadyWrap by Solaris, FarrowWrap, and CompreFit by Biacare.


However, for most people, a ready-to-wear circular knit compression stocking (the type you would buy from us) will provide all the compression and containment necessary to treat your condition.   In the circular knits, there are options that provide a high level of containment.  They are Juzo Dynamic, Sigvaris 500 Rubber Series, and Mediven Forte. Talk to your doctor to see if one of these options are right for you.

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