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The End of Slipping and Sliding – Jobst SoftFit and Medi Vitality

The End of Slipping and Sliding – Jobst SoftFit and Medi Vitality

New compression stockings from Jobst and Mediven, with a totally new top-band, will put an end to slipping, sliding, and top-band strangulation.

Traditional knee highs with a grip-top have a top band sewn onto the sock that is covered on the inside with dots or strips of silicone.  This band never stretches as much as the stocking material, and the thickness of the silicone pushing into your skin can, for some, be quite uncomfortable.  The new band technology, uses individual threads of silicone that are knit into the top-band of the stocking. softfit-detailThese threads are very soft, and gently adhere to your skin.  Due to its superior gripping power, the tension of the top-band can be reduced.  You get a stocking that stays in place all day, without strangling your calf.

Jobst is calling their new band SoftFit.  It’s now available in their UltraSheer knee highs, in 15-20, 20-30, and 30-40mmHg compressions.  On the exterior, it looks just like a soft, knit UltraSheer top-band.  Inside you can see the fine strands of silicone.  Rub over them, and your skin sticks to the threads, but they feel very soft.  SoftFit knee highs are available in Natural and Black, and Full-Calf sizes.

Mediven is calling their new top-band mediGrip, and they have developed a totally new sock called Vitality to introduce this new technology.  Vitality is an opaque trouser sock with a contemporary herringbone pattern that will look great with a pair of dress pants or jeans.  Available in three colors, Charcoal, Chocolate, and Ebony, Vitality is offered in Regular and Petite lengths, for shorter legs.  Because compression stockings can dry your skin, Medi treats the Vitality fabric with lanolin.  This lanolin technology moisturizes your skin, and lasts the lifetime of the stocking.

So if your support stockings slip, slide, or strangle your calf, give one of these new stockings a try.

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