` ; JOBST® Sensitive & SoftFit Compression Stockings

JOBST® Sensitive and SoftFit

Traditional grip-top silicone bands are sewn onto the top of knee highs and thigh highs. They often don't have the same stretch as the stocking itself, which can be constricting and uncomfortable. For Sensitive and SoftFit, Jobst has taken silicone threads and knit them into the top-band of the stocking. You get the holding power of silicone, and the softness and comfort of a knit top-band. Plus, the band has much better breathability, because there's less silicone touching your skin. When compression stockings pull or slide down, not only does it look bad, but it can be uncomfortable and constrict blood flow. Jobst new knit silicone bands eliminate these problems and increase wearing compliance.

JOBST® Sensitive band is available on UltraSheer and Opaque thigh highs in three compression levels. Both are available in regular and petite lengths, in natural and black.

JOBST® SoftFit is available on UltraSheer and Opaque knee highs. These stockings will put an end to wrinkled ankles. And with the added gripping power of silicone, the tension of the band has been reduced so it's more comfortable and less constricting.