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Best Socks for Mail Carriers

Best Socks for Mail Carriers

As a mail carrier, you are on your feet all day delivering hundreds of packages from house to house. With little to no rest between deliveries, you are prone to leg and foot pain, spider and varicose veins, and swollen ankles and feet. Luckily, there is a solution to help ease the pain from being on your feet all day- compression socks! Keep reading to see why you should wear them and shop our recommendations.

Why should mail carriers wear compression?

Standing for extended periods of time has a huge effect on your circulation. While you’re standing, your veins have to work harder than normal to effectively pump your blood from your legs back to your heart. So, if you’ve wondered why your legs tend to feel heavy and tired after a long day of being on your feet, it’s because the blood pumping through your legs isn’t making it back up through your body to your heart. It’s pooling in your veins and at your ankles, which is what can cause spider and varicose veins, along with feet and ankle swelling.

Graduated compression socks help combat this by pushing your blood back up throughout your legs to the rest of the body. By getting that blood pushed back up, your circulation is increased and the pressure on your veins is reduced. And what does all this mean? It means that your legs won’t feel so heavy, your ankles won’t get so swollen, and your risk of developing spider and varicose veins decreases!

What kind of compression socks should mail carriers wear?

We recommend starting out with 15-20 mmHg compression socks. If you have a medical condition like severe swelling or extremely painful varicose veins, talk with your doctor to see if a higher compression level is needed. Keep reading to see our picks!

Allegro Athletic Copper Support Socks 15-20 mmHg

pair of white knee high compression socks with tan on the bottom of the foot

For durable and moisture-wicking socks, check out these ones from Allegro! These ones are made with copper, which is naturally antimicrobial, anti-fungal, and perfect for hot days.  They’re also made with CoolMax polyster to help keep your feet dry in hot temps. They have a well-padded foot to cushion your feet, plus they’re designed for both men and women.

Rejuva Spot Knee Highs 15-20 mmHg

pair of gray knee high compression socks with lighter gray polka dots

You don’t have to sacrifice fashion for function with these Rejuva socks, they give you the best of both worlds! If you want to add your own person style and touch to your postal uniform, these are the socks for you! They’re also great for long periods of standing because they have a cushioned foot and have multi-dimensional stretch for easy application and removal.

Mediven Active 15-20 mmHg

pair of dark gray knee high socks

When you’re on your feet and walking all day every day, you need comfortable socks that will also keep your feet dry. These compression socks from Mediven are made with ClimaComfort technology to keep your calves and feet cool and dry, no matter what the conditions, and they also have a soft comfort sole for all-day comfort.  

Sigvaris All-Season Merino Wool Women's 15-20 mmHg Knee High

pair of black knee high compression socks

These Sigvaris socks are great for year-round wear, thanks to Merino wool that keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter! Merino wool is super soft and comfortable on your feet, plus it helps with absorbing any moisture. Also available in men’s!

Therafirm Core-Spun Support Socks 15-20 mmHg

pair of navy blue knee high compression socks shown on a person from two different angles

If you’re experiencing minor swelling and minor varicose vein pain, these Therafirm socks are the ones for you! They are made with super stretchy yarns for easy application and removal, plus extra thickness for maximum comfort all day long. They’re also available in four colors; the white and khaki include special CoolMax fibers to absorb moisture, while the black and navy have antimicrobial, silver-treated features. Your feet will be cool and comfortable no matter which color you choose!

Juzo Soft Knee High 15-20 mmHg w/ Silicone Band

pair of black knee high compression socks

You won’t have to worry about your socks falling down throughout the day while wearing these ones from Juzo! They’re made with a silicon top band to prevent the socks from slipping or rolling down. They are also super soft, durable, and machine washable.

Jobst Sport Sock 15-20 mmHg

pair of black knee high socks with white accent on foot

If you’re looking for a high-performing sock that is perfect for long periods of wearing, is breathable, and is moisture-wicking, look no further than these Jobst socks! Designed for both men and women, these  socks feature a padded foot for absorbing impact, microfiber technology to keep moisture out, and a comfortable top band that isn’t too restricting but keeps your socks in place all day.

CEP Women's The Run Low Cut Socks 4.0

person wearing pink ankle length compression socks

If you prefer ankle or no-show socks to knee-high socks, these CEP ones are perfect for you! These socks have compression in the arch for additional support, and they had a padded foot to help with shock absorption. Made with moisture-wicking fabric and innovative air channels, your feet are guaranteed to stay cool.

As  a mail carrier, you work so hard to make sure all our mail and packages get delivered quickly and safely, so you deserve to be comfortable during the day! Even if you aren’t a mail carrier and you spend long hours on your feet, you can benefit from this list too! 

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