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4 Tips to Ease Seasonal Depression

4 Tips to Ease Seasonal Depression

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Feeling blue? This time of year Seasonal Depression (SAD) can feel like a massive weight hanging on you. The weather is cold, ugly and the sun goes to bed too early. Worse, sometimes, during those brief and precious hours of daylight, the sun is buried under heavy snow clouds. They call it SAD for a reason: it's freezing and the landscapes have shed their autumn colors for a dull, dismal gray. All of that gray can lead to you feeling very blue. This year may magnify symptoms of SAD while we are indoors more and limiting social engagements. So, let's look at some mood-boosting, winter happiness ideas. I've lived a large portion of my life in the frozen tundra's of the mid-west, I have a few tips up my sleeve:


light therapy lamp happy

1. Light therapy

If you can't find the sun this time of year, buy it! Studies suggest that sitting in front of a light therapy lamp may trick your brain into creating serotonin, the "happy" brain chemical. While it's no replacement for the real sun, it is a convenient way to add a little light to your life, without going into the cold. Here is a list of The Best Light Therapy Lamps of 2021


2. Citrus soak 

If you have diabetes or open sores skip this tip, some of these ingredients may act as irritants.

Turn your bath into a happy, citrus spa. You can add a little bit of zest to your soak using this: recipe. Epsom salt, baking soda and citrus essential oils are all you need to bring the tropics to you. Epsom salt may relieve arthritic pain as well as soothe other body aches or pains. Baking soda can soften your skin and give you that silky, clean feeling. The final ingredient, citrus essential oil, can elevate your mood and boost your energy. Citrus scents, such as lemon or orange, may even decrease stress

 colorful mug happy home

3. Add color to your home

By adding color to your daily scenery you can create joy. The most obvious way to add color to your life is to paint a wall, like the very popular accent wall trend. Warm colors, like red orange and yellow, can be energetic with optimism. Bright colors, like lilac and pink, can be uplifting. A few, smaller scale, easier ways to add color to your daily view are to:

  • paint your nails
  • wear a colorful robe
  • fill up a fruit bowl (lemons, grapefruits, pomegranates, oranges, any colorful food) and place it next to your favorite seat
  • use your brightest, most colorful mug for your morning brew
  • wear funky, colorful socks (compression socks can be colorful, too!)

 saturday night fever movie

4. Movie marathon

If you're still feeling under the weather it's time for a movie marathon. Get lost in a different world, maybe one where winter scenery doesn't exist? Brew some tea, cover up in an electric blanket and ignore the clock, it's movie time!

Summer movies

Favorites for older adults

Top Netflix movies right now


This article is not meant to replace medical advice. If you think you may suffer from Seasonal Depression or any mood disorder you should consult your doctor or mental health provider.


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