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Looking back at the top selling compression of 2020

Looking back at the top selling compression of 2020

We have (finally) stepped into the New Year and waved goodbye to 2020. As delighted as we are to be moving forward, we wanted to pause and look back at our most popular products from 2020. In the spirit of reflection we have rounded up our customer's favorites and the reviews they wrote, so that their favorites can become yours. 

Below are BrightLife Direct's best selling compression in 2020 chosen by people like you. Click the links to shop our best sellers:

Most Popular Knee High Compression Socks

1. Allegro Essential Sheer Support

"Very pleased with the quality of this product! The band on the stockings is great and holds them up extremely well." -Rosemary


2. Allegro Essential Unisex Cotton Sock

"Fits and feel great. Comfortable to wear all day." -Stan

allegro cotton unisex

3. Therafirm Corespun Support Sock

"I ordered the Therafirm Core-Spun Support Socks for my mom. She loves them. They are easy for her to put on and she likes the feel once on. I've ordered her a few more pair. Thank you for a wonderful product!" -Bonnie

therafirm corespun unisex

  Most Popular Thigh High Compression Socks

1. Allegro Essential Sheer Thigh High

"I have been wearing these for several years now and really like them. I wear these mainly when bicycling. I have never had a problem with them slipping down or needing adjustment even if I ride 60+ miles. They hold up for a very long time, though many washings. I would recommend to any woman or man who need support hose like me to give these a try." -Charles

sheer thigh high

2. Allegro Soft Microfiber Thigh High

"These are great I'm wearing right now. I work at a veterinary clinic so I'm constantly moving around or sitting down a lot too. They stay put, they're super soft which I love. Very comfortable. Legs have not hurt as much due to my varicose veins." -Cristina

microfiber thigh high


3. Medi Assure Thigh High

"I didn’t realize how bad I needed these new stockings. They are amazing for my lymphedema." -Cindy

medi thigh high 

Beyond the Beige- most popular compression with color

1. Sockwell New Leaf

"The socks are beautiful and very beneficial to my lower legs. I love them" -Manna

new leaf sockwell

2. Sockwell Elevation

"I have been wearing support stocking for over 50 years and these are the best ever. They offer perfect support, they don't slip down your leg, they have a luxurious feel and they don't look like support stockings. The best support stocking I have ever worn and will stick with them." -Lawrence

sockwell men


3.Juzo Soft Dream Gauntlet with Thumb Stub

"The color and the comfort are great. So glad I heard about these." -Susan


Most Popular Upper Extremity Compression

1. Juzo Soft 2001 Armsleeve

"This is the most comfortable sleeve I have tried. No pinching or binding at the elbow. I have had issues with other silicone bands causing blisters, but have no trouble with these. I also like the soft fabric" -Melissa


 2. Mediven Harmony Compression Armsleeve

"I have tried many compression sleeves in the last 9 years and this is by far the most comfortable on I have found." -Mildred

medi arm

3. Allegro Compression Armsleeve

"Excellent product." -Jay



If you have a question before ordering one of our best sellers we are here to help.


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