` ; Thuasne® Mobiderm Autofit Armsleeve

Thuasne® Mobiderm Autofit Armsleeve

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The MOBIDERM autofit adjustable mobilizing garment uses MOBIDERM Technology for effective control of lymphatic fluid and fibrotic tissue while at rest or at night. The MOBIDERM autofit enables you to easily and consistently take control of your own self-management.

MOBIDERM is a medical device comprised of foam cubes encased between two non-woven bandages. MOBIDERM technology can be used under a reducing bandage (in its bandage or pad forms), or incorporated into mobilizing garments. The pressure difference created between the support area of the blocks and the surrounding area stimulates the flow of lymphatic fluid, optimizing drainage efficacy.


  • Standard sizing allows fast delivery to patients requiring a device immediately.
  • Sleeve with mitten and thumb
  • Semi-open design for easy donning and doffing
  • Velcro fasteners with sizing notches to easily adapt to a patient’s morphology.
  • Roll-up mitt, to release the hand in everyday activities


Brand: Thuasne®
Series: Mobiderm
Style: Compression Wrap

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