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tg Tubular Bandage (22 yd Roll)

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tg Tubular is a seamless knit tubular bandage made from 67% bleached cotton, and 33% viscose. The close-mesh provides a very light compression and is very skin friendly. Uses include securing dressings, padding, and foam, as well as the first layer of wrapping to protect the skin. tg Tubular can be stretched to about 4 times its width, and by pulling lengthwise, narrowed down again.

This tubular bandage will not slip or cut in. It can conform to any shape and is available in multiple sizes to fit any part of the body. Except for the two large trunk sizes K1 and K2, all lengths are 20 m (22 yd). If necessary, tg Tubular can be sterilized at 250 degrees F.

Bandages cannot be returned once used or opened.
  • Size 1 - 1.4 cm for finger and toe
  • Size 2 - 2.3 cm for finger, toe, child's hand
  • Size 3 - 3.0 cm for splinted finger, child's arm
  • Size 5 - 5.5 cm for arm, lower leg
  • Size 6 - 6.5 cm for leg dressings, arm
  • Size 7 - 7.0 cm for leg, arm splint
  • Size 9 - 8.5 cm for head, large thigh, armpit
  • Size 12 -12 cm for xl thigh, head
  • Size K1 - 16 cm x 10 m for small trunk
  • Size K2 - 21 cm x 10 m for large trunk

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