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L&R tg® Fix Tubular Net Bandage

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Highly elastic, wide-mesh tubular net for retention of all types of wound dressings without tape, thus eliminating the risk of skin irritation from tape adhesive. Changing and inspecting dressings is faster and easier.

The tubular net bandage is elastic in both directions and highly extensible in the width. tg fix conforms well and without folds to various shaped parts of the body. The tubular net is soft and comfortable and does not restrict movement.

The material is ladderproof; it can be cut open at any point without the cut tearing. Therefore, conformability can be further increased by placing incisions in the right places without incurring the risk of fraying.


  • Wide-mesh, highly elastic in both directions tubular net
  • Fast and easy dressing inspection
  • Excellent conformability around body contours
  • Soft, comfortable and does not restrict movement


A: for finger
B: for small extremities (several fingers together/hand/foot)
C: for large extremities (small head/arm/leg)
D: for large head, small trunk
E: for large trunk, hip, armpit

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