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OTC Knee Support - Condyle Pads

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The OTC 2555 knee support is a heavy duty, controlled stretch product that helps reduce swelling and minimize pain while allowing full range of motion. Dense foam support pads on either side of the kneecap add stability and help maintain proper alignment. The medial and lateral spiral stays bend with the knee, and help keep the elastic material fully extended, and enhance wearing comfort. This is an excellent support for post-surgical recovery. It helps reduce the incidence of reinjury while active.


  • Heavy-duty, breathable elastic fabric provides firm, comfortable support
  • Pressure pads on either side of kneecap provide compression and stability
  • Flexible stays provide moderate side-to-side support
  • Open patella area helps reduce binding around the back of the knee
  • Low profile and neutral beige color for inconspicuous wear
  • Easy slip on, slip-off application

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