Juzo Dynamic Compression Biker Short 15-20mmHg

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Juzo Dynamic Biker Shorts provide moderate compression to the lower abdomen and thigh area. 

Compression Bike Shorts work well in conjunction with thigh high compression stockings, either with or without a silicone top band.  If you have sensitive skin and can't use a silicone band or skin glue, biker shorts donned over thigh highs will keep them in place.  Do your thigh highs slide or roll?  Try a pair of compression bike shorts.  They will keep the stockings in place, plus provide compression to the upper thigh and abdomen.

If you use an alternative compression thigh-high like FarrowWrap, Juxta-Fit, or Compre-Fit, compression biker shorts help keep the garment in place, in addition to providing compression through the abdominal area.
  • 5 ready-to-wear sizes
  • Durable design and construction

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