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JOBST® JoViPak Classic Arm Sleeve AG1 w/ Polartec Power Dry

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This gradient pressure arm sleeve is filled with chipped foam. The special foam assists in breaking down trapped proteins to help move lymphatic fluid and help manage lymphatic swelling. The sleeve is engineered to eliminate the need for nighttime bandaging. The Ready-to-Wear design features a gauntlet style hand and lateral rise at the shoulder. An anatomically positioned thumb stub and an anticubital dart adds comfort. JOBST® JoViPak® recommends ordering a Classic Arm Sleeve AG1 JoViJacket with this garment. JoViJackets provide the additional compression needed for maximum fit & effectiveness.


  • A full length sleeve filled with shredded foam, extending from DIPs to axilla with a lateral rise.
  • Features an anatomically positioned thumb stub and elbow dart
  • Continuous Flow Channeling™ helps to facilitate lymph fluid laterally away from the axilla toward an alternate functional pathway

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