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Tricofix (10 box Case)

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Tricofix tubular bandages are the first layer in lymphedema bandaging. It confirms to joints and will not wrinkle or slip. Tricofix is lightweight, absorbent and very comfortable against your skin.

Made from 100% cotton, Tricofix can be cut anywhere without fraying or running. Available in 4 sizes. Maybe washed for reuse.

Note: This item cannot be returned once opened.

Each case contains 10 boxes, with one roll per box.
  • D5: 6 cm x 20 m (fits adult arm, foot & leg)
  • E6: 8 cm x 20 m (fits thigh & small head)
  • F7: 10 cm x 20 m (fits thigh & large head)
  • G9: 12 cm x 20 m (fits broad thigh & child's trunk)

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