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Arion Easy-Slide Donning Aid for Open Toe Stockings

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Arion Easy-Slide provides an easy, safe and simple solution to help put on easily compression stockings and tights with an open toe. Thanks to its unique sliding properties, Arion Easy-Slide reduces friction between the skin and the compression garment. This helps the stocking slide smoothly over the skin. This contributes also to reducing the physical strain and daily stress associated with the donning and doffing task. Finally, it supports a better therapy compliance.

The friction reduction is particularly helpful to slide the garment over the heel area, which is the broadest part of the foot.

Arion Easy-Slide is compact and lightweight. It turns to be a convenient self-management aid for compression wearers themselves. But this application aid is also a useful tool for caregivers as it enables them to put on stockings on their patients in an easier and more ergonomic way.

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