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Insurance and Medicare Questions

Does Insurance or Medicare Pay for Compression Stockings?

Your insurance may or may not cover compression garments. Coverage varies by company and by policy. Medical insurance policies that do pay will typically limit the number that can be purchased each year. We recommend you call your insurance company to see if compression garments are covered.

Medicare will only cover graduated compression stockings worn below the knee for the treatment of an open venous stasis ulcer. They are NOT covered for the prevention of ulcers, to prevent the recurrence of ulcers, or for the treatment of lymphedema or swelling without ulcers. Here's the text from Medicare:

The beneficiary must have an open venous stasis ulcer that has been treated by a physician or other healthcare professional requiring medically necessary debridement. The gradient stocking must be proven to deliver compression greater than 30 mm Hg. and less than 50 mm Hg. When a covered gradient compression stocking is provided to a patient with an open venous stasis ulcer, the modifier AW (item furnished in conjunction with a surgical dressing) must be appended or the claim will be denied as a non-covered service. Gradient compression stockings are non-covered for the following conditions:Venous insufficiency without stasis ulcers,Prevention of stasis ulcers.

At this time, BrightLife Direct does not submit insurance or Medicare claims. We do include a detailed packing slip with every order that many of our customers use for reimbursement claims. A diagnosis code is typically required to file a claim. Your doctor must provide you with the diagnosis code.

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