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Alternative Compression Garments

Many individuals can't wear traditional compression stockings. If you're reading this, you may be one of them. Size, nonstandard limb shape, inability to bend at the waist, limited hand strength, open wound or ulcer, and fragile skin are examples of conditions that make donning a ready-to-wear compression stocking difficult or impossible. There are other options available.

Farrow Medical, Solaris, and CircAid all make ready-to-wear wraps that will fit, and can be donned by almost anyone.

FarrowWrap for the calf and foot, is made out of strips of short-stretch fabric, with Velcro closures. A liner stocking is typically donned first, then the strips are folded over in sequence starting at the ankle. A wrap for the foot, and hybrid liner with compression in the foot only are also available. FarrowWrap is available in two compression levels, Lite (20-30 mmHg) and Classic (30-40 mmHg).

ReadyWrap Quick-Fit by Solaris mimics traditional bandaging and is made using non-elastic Velcro straps. ReadyWrap is available for the foot, calf, knee and thigh. Pieces can be worn individually or together to provide compression from the toes to the groin.

Juxta Lite by CircAid provides dynamic compression, is inelastic, and can be worn day and night. Compression increases when you are active and decreases when you're at rest. A Built-In Pressure System (BPS) can be adjusted to provide 20-30, 30-40, or 40-50 mmHg.

Solaris manufactures compression products to reduce swelling from venous disease or lymphedema on almost any part of the body. ReadyWrap Quick-Fit for legs and feet are used to reduce swelling or assist in the healing of venous ulcerations. This product is especially beneficial for patients who can not easily bend or have sufficient strength to pull on elastic compression stockings. Swell Spots are made of an innovative "chip foam" technology that gently stimulates the underlying tissue, breaking down fibrotic tissues and encouraging the release of interstitial fluids and waste products, that can then be removed by the lymphatic system. Tribute night wear garments control swelling while you sleep.

BiaCare makes a variety of compression systems including the CompreFlex for daytime calf and thigh compression. BiaCare's CompreFit system, available in knee, thigh, and foot units provide a high active compression of 30-40 mmHg with a lower resting compression. Used together they provide coverage from foot to groin, and can be used day or night. The CompreSleeve for upper extremity lymphedema treatment takes the place of traditional bandaging and wrapping and can save a patient hundreds of hours in a year. CompreSleeve provides 20-30 mmHg of effective day or night graduated compression and can easily be adjusted as the size of the arm changes.

If one of these ready-to-wear options won't work for you, custom wraps are available for every part of the body. Give us a call at 1-877-545-8585.

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