` ; JOBST® SensiFoot Support Socks - For Diabetics and Sensitive Feet

JOBST® SensiFoot

JOBST® makes only one sock specifically for diabetics, so you know they put a lot of research into this! SensiFoot offers comfort and protection to sensitive feet that need help with the problems caused by diabetes, sensitive skin, or arthritis.

Designed for men and women in 3 lengths: knee high, crew, and mini-crew. These socks feature extra padding in the foot and a smooth, flat toe seam to reduce irritation and pressure on the toes. Made from acrylic multi-fiber yarns that wick moisture away to inhibit bacteria and fungi growth, and help to keep your feet dry, comfortable and odor free.

Sensifoot stockings have a mild compression of 8-15 mmHg, which stimulates blood flow and helps with minor swelling. Available in white, black, brown and navy.