Knee Highs

The best compression socks for men and women

Knee highs are the most popular style of compression stocking. If you have swelling in your ankles, aching feet, or varicose veins in your calves - this is the style for you.
Jobst, Mediven, Sigvaris and Juzo are the four major manufacturers of compression stockings. They all offer a wide variety of fabrics, options, and compression levels. Allegro is our private label brand and very well priced. Made in the same North Carolina factories as the other American-made brands, but without the fancy packaging, these socks are a customer-favorite.
We have a wide variety of fabrics and fits depending on your style and leg measurements:
  • Opaque fabrics hide veins and blemishes, and are quite durable
  • Ribbed stockings are very durable too, available in cotton blends
  • Sheers are the barely-there style - thin, beautiful and available in many skin tones.
  • An Open Toe option is for anyone who wants to wear flip flops or have sensitive toes and toe nails.
  • Sport/Athletic socks stabilize leg muscles and increase blood flow during physical activity
  • Wide Calf Styles are designed to fit larger than average legs, usually over 18" in circumference
  • Silicone Top-Bands prevent knee highs from sliding down and rolling over
  • Petite lengths fit a leg length (knee to floor) of 15" or less
Confused about compression level or size? Find more information on choosing a compression level here and help with sizing here. You can also give us a call at 1-877-545-8585