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When Should I Replace my Compression Garments?

When Should I Replace my Compression Garments?

When you invest in compression garments, you are investing in your health. Whether you are wearing compression socks, stockings, or arm sleeves, you need to replace them regularly. In order for the compression garments to work effectively, we recommend that you replace them every 6 months.

Why? Your compression garments will eventually wear out over time and with regular use (unfortunately!). The elastic fibers that are used in compression garments thin and break down through extended wear and washes. Compression garments are specifically designed to apply pressure in certain areas. Once the garments lose their shape and elasticity, they are no longer applying the pressure you require. This usually happens around 6 months. You may need to replace them more frequently, around every 3 months, if you wear the same pair everyday or several times a week.

Look for the following signs to know if it is time to replace your compression garments:

  1. Are you able to easily put your garments on and take them off? If they stretch easily and are loose, they have likely lost the elasticity you need and are no longer applying the correct level of compression to your legs or arm. Compression wear needs to fit snugly in order to effectively pump blood and improve circulation. Remember how difficult they were to get on straight out of the box? You’re probably getting better at putting them on, but they shouldn’t slip or slide on easily.
  2. If you notice that your socks look worn/thin or they’re sliding down from the top, the fibers may be wearing out. Taking proper care of your garments will help extend their use. Wash your socks and stockings on a gentle cycle and always air dry (unless specified by the manufacturer) to improve their everyday wear and extend their lifespan. You can also try a washing solution that helps protect the fibers.
  3. If you have recently lost or gained weight, you should replace your garments. Your compression wear will only work properly if your measurements are the same as when you purchased them. Our Size Finder lists easy instructions on how and where to measure and will help you find your right size in minutes!

If it is time to update your compression socks and stockings, you can always replace them with the exact same pair. With some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings and affordable prices, Allegro is a great brand for your everyday wear. Their selection of colors and styles will help match any pair and style that you are looking for.

Looking for something different? You can use this opportunity to switch up your wardrobe. RejuvaHealth offers a variety of fun colors and patterns so you can feel stylish and fun in your compression socks.

Your compression garments are an important part of your life, especially if you wear them every day. Replacing your garments every 6 months will ensure that you are getting the right level of therapeutic compression through every use. Invest in your health with the right pair.

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