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What to Wear Under a Splint or Cast

What to Wear Under a Splint or Cast

We recently had a customer looking for fabric to wear under her soft cast after breaking her arm. Many doctors and hospitals will recommend purchasing a long sock, cutting off the end and pulling that over your arm or leg, but this can actually irritate the skin, and cause swelling if the sock band is too constricting. The best thing to wear under a splint or cast is a stockinette. These products are thin and stretchy, and can be cut to fit any size arm, leg, foot, wrist or finger. They are also designed to be cut, so there will be no fraying or running in the fabric. Here are two popular products:

  • Silverseal X-Static Tubular Component – This product is especially useful if you’ve had surgery on your arm/leg, or if you have injuries or abrasions on your skin. Silver, which is woven into the fabric, is naturally anti-microbial. That means that it will kill any bacteria on your skin, protecting your skin from infection. It also means that it won’t get stinky. This product can be machine washed and dried.
  • BiaCare Cotton Tubular Stockinette – This is a great product for anyone with sensitive skin. It’s made with 100% cotton and can be machine washed and dried.
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