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Trouble putting on your socks? Watch a video.

Trouble putting on your socks? Watch a video.

Donning (putting on) and doffing (taking off) compression hosiery can be difficult. Especially for people suffering from arthritis or who have difficulty with bending or dexterity. This is especially true if you must wear higher compression items, say over 20mmHg (millimeters of mercury).

There are a lot of donning aids available but some are better than others. Based on feedback from our customers we recommend the following, in no particular order:

  1. Easy-Slide for Open Toe Stockings
  2. Easy-Slide for Closed Toe Stockings
  3. Alps Fitting Lotion (open or closed toe)
  4. Mediven 2in1 (open or closed toe)
  5. Juzo Slippie Gator with Pad (open or closed toe)

Except for the fitting lotion, these all use a very slippery and durable “parachute” nylon fabric that you place on your leg and then pull the stocking over. Using rubber donning gloves, you work the stocking up the leg and then pull the donning aid out from the top of the stocking or through the open toe. If you wear closed toe stockings, it is important to use a donning aid that works with closed toe stockings.

We now have instructional videos on our website for the Easy-Slide for open toe, Easy-Slide for closed toe, and the Mediven 2in1. You can watch the videos before you make a purchase to determine if the donning aid is right for you. And you might want to watch again after you receive your purchase to ensure you’re using the device properly.

Getting compression hosiery off can also be a challenge. We now offer the Sock-Eez Removal Device. Slide the plastic paddle between your leg and stocking. Place the hook over the top hem of the stocking. While sitting you straighten your leg and push down on the Sock-Eez to push the stocking off. This device takes advantage of muscles in your upper body and does not rely on just tugging with your hands, which can cause strain and damage the fabric.

Do you have any donning or doffing tips? Let us know!

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