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Stop Athlete's Foot with Compression Socks

Stop Athlete's Foot with Compression Socks


Itching, burning, scratching.  

It sounds like you may have athlete’s foot, a fungal infection that loves sweaty environmentsImagine the mold and mildew that grows in your shower when you don’t dry it. You create a similar ecosystem inside your socks when your feet sweat. Athlete’s foot is annoying and painful. However, doing something as simple as choosing the right type of sock may be all you need to get rid of it AND prevent it from getting in-between your toes and on your nerves ever again! 

So why do your feet get fungus? Your feet sweat more than any other part of your body, and when you wear traditional socks or (worse!) shoes without socks, that sweat gets trapped and allows the infection to invade your feet. Whether it's sweat from a humid summer, or an autumn filled with boots and warm socks, athlete's foot does not discriminate. It thrives in any moist environment.

Now that we understand it’s all about the moisture, it’s time to find moisture-wicking socks! You need socks that will keep your feet dry, while eliminating the bacteria on your feet. Lucky for you, BrightLife Direct has an entire line of moisture-wicking compression socks. These socks are dedicated to getting rid of and preventing athlete’s foot in the future.

Compression socks are perfect for absorbing moisture and getting rid of athlete’s foot. By fitting close against the skin they can immediately wick away moisture from your feet. Additionally, many of our athletic compression socks are made with fabric that is embedded with metal ions. Socks with copper and silver ions can destroy 99.9% of the bacteria trespassing on your feet, which is one reason why athletes choose to wear them. Compression socks also increase circulation (which includes oxygenated blood), decreasing recovery time post workout. Wearing compression socks means athletes, and anyone who wears compression socks, can focus on their performance, not their funky feet.                                                               

It's important to prevent athlete's foot because it's so contagious. It can be spread by particles left on towels, clothes, or the floor. These tips will help the treatment process, reduce spread, and prevent it from returning: 

Scrub, scrub, scrub 

Keep your feet (especially in-between your toes) clean and dry. When you return home for the day give your feet a good cleaning. Once they are scrubbed be sure to dry them. Let your toes enjoy a bit of freedom by walking around barefoot for as long as possible.  

 Protect your Feet in Public 

Wear flip-flops in public areas like a locker-room, shower, or pool to prevent spreading or catching Athlete’s foot. 

Treat your Toes 

Treating your toes is the most important part of preventing athlete’s foot. Buy anti-fungal sprays and powders to pamper your feet daily. Next, buy socks that wick away moisture and prevent bacteria from growing. 



Here’s a list of our best socks for treating and preventing athlete’s foot: 


Our most popular athletic socks, Allegro Athletic Copper Support Socks have copper woven into the sole.  Copper is naturally antifungal, so it helps kill the cause of athlete’s foot. Copper is also instrumental in destroying odor causing bacteria. These socks are knit using CoolMax Polyester, so they do a great job of keeping moisture away from the skin. 



Juzo offers silver sole socks as well as full silver stockings that are often prescribed for patients with lymphedema or cellulitis, where keeping their skin free from bacteria is very important. Juzo Silver Sole stockings are available in a mild compression in crew, mini-crew and knee-high styles. Juzo styles also have a longer foot, which is invaluable for individuals with large feet. Their brand stockings are all machine washable and dryer safe, with prices starting at $13.59 


If you’re looking for knee high sock to pair with  a dress and booties this fall check out Sockwell. They’re a perfect mood to pair  with fall styles while offering arch support and a  cushioned sole. All Sockwell socks are made with  Superfine Merino Wool providing natural  thermoregulation and moisture management, making  them great for all day, every day wear. This fabric is  naturally durable, antibacterial, and blister-proof. 


Mediven’s line of Active socks feature a patented Clima Fresh technology that prevents athlete’s foot and bacteria from growing on the leg and footThis same technology will keep your feet feeling cool year-round. 


These are just a few of the brands we carry that help keep your feet dry. Check out BrightLife Direct’s wide array of compression socks for athletes to find the best socks for your lifestyle and get your feet on a moisture free path. Before you purchase a pair make sure you take your measurements to determine the correct compression fit for you, because if they’re too tight, you won’t be able to get them on, and if they’re too loose, they won’t absorb all the moisture on your foot or provide compression correctly. If you need help choosing the right size or brand, give us a call at 1-877-545-8585 or check out our virtual size machine.   

Nobody should suffer from athlete’s foot, so put a stop to the spread of that pesky infection and treat yourself to a pair of compression socks today! 


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