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Packing the perfect carry-on

Packing the perfect carry-on

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Are you going to be traveling and don't want to go through the hassle of checking bags? Then you will want to make the most of your carry-on! Carry-on bags are guaranteed to make it to your destination, because you literally carry it on the plane, and they’re easy to carry around. The smaller size makes them easy to carry but can also make packing to maximize space difficult. We’ve thought long and hard about how to pack the perfect carry-on; read on for our tips and tricks.  

When packing clothes and shoes, it can be hard not to overpack. Only pack items you know you will definitely wear; not items you think you might wear. We’re all guilty of packing that one outfit we want to wear but end up sticking with the more comfortable option. If you’re going somewhere cold, wear your mid-layers and outerwear while traveling to save space. Base layers are easy to fold and pack, along with any hats or gloves you anticipate needing. Bringing only two pairs of shoes can be hard but it’s another great way of saving space. Wear your favorite walking shoes to the airport and pack a nice pair of shoes for dinners or other occasions where you can't wear tennis shoes.

When packing clothes, roll them into logs to save space and pack other garments in the small, unusual places of your carry-on. Packing cubes are another great option to use when traveling because all your packed clothing is separate from each other and there’s no uprooting your luggage trying to find that one shirt. If you’re going to have washer/dryer access during your trip, you don’t need to pack as much clothing!

Compression garments is a must to wear while traveling and to include when packing — bring extra if you’re going to need it. Compression is great for long periods of sitting or walking. Whether you are traveling by plane, train or car, if you will be sitting for a long period of time, wearing compression is beneficial. When worn during travel, compression socks can help prevent swelling and blood clots that could result in Deep Vein Thrombosis or DVT. Check out our wide variety of travel socks to keep your legs healthy and comfortable for your next trip.  

Packing essentials such as vitamin C, saline nasal spray, Chapstick, your favorite pair of headphones, disposable or cloth face masks, medications, hand sanitizer and a neck pillow can help you stay comfortable during travel. Keeping these items in your carry-on makes them easy to access and ensures the safety of those items.  

Collapsible items like water bottles and backpacks are a great way to save precious carry-on space and money during your journey. Having your own water bottle that can be easily stored is a great way to stay hydrated during sightseeing without having to worry about carrying anything in your hands. Having a collapsible backpack is handy to use as a daypack or everyday bag while on a trip and can be easily folded and stowed away at the end. These will help keep your itinerary on track without having to sacrifice time and space – that way you always have a water bottle or means of carrying around important items during your trip.  

Knowing what to pack in your carry-on comes with experience (and reading this blog). To get more information about travel compression socks, read our blog Travel Comfortably: Choose the Best Compression Socks for Travel. To find more information about making traveling with lymphedema easier, our blog Traveling with Lymphedema has tips and tricks. What are you going to pack in your carry-on?  

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