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Open Toe vs. Closed Toe Compression Stockings

Open Toe vs. Closed Toe Compression Stockings

We often have customers ask us – “What’s the difference between open toe and closed toe compression socks?”

The physical appearance of the sock is clear. Open toe compression stockings do not cover the toes – the fabric ends at the ball of the foot. Closed toe compression stockings, of course, cover the toes.

So, why would you choose to wear one over the other? Is closed toe more effective?

The truth is that choosing open toe over closed toe (or vice versa) is simply a style preference. The gradient compression begins at the ankle, so you don’t lose any of the sock’s compression functionality by adjusting the foot.

A few reasons to choose open toe:

  1. Open Toe stockings are great for the summer time.  If you wear compression socks year round, but still want to enjoy flip flops, sandals and peep toe heels and flats, open toe stockings can make that happen!
  2. Long feet: Many customers find that open toe stockings are more comfortable because they have very long feet that don’t necessarily fit comfortably into standard sized socks.
  3. Toe comfort: If you have long toes or toenail problems, open toe socks may be most comfortable.

Customers should NOT buy open toe stockings if they have any swelling in their feet. Open toe compression socks can make the swelling in the foot worse in this situation.

Closed Toe vs Open Toe

What brands carry open toe socks and stockings?

Almost all of the major compression stocking brands carry open toe styles.

  • Allegro: Sheers, Surgical Weight and Microfiber
  • Jobst: Relief, UltraSheer, and Opaque
  • Juzo: Naturally Sheer, Basic, Soft, and Dynamic/Varin
  • Mediven: Assure, Plus, Sheer & Soft, and Forte
  • Sigvaris: Sheer Fashion, Natural Rubber, EverSheer, Soft Opaque, Select Comfort, and Access,
  • Therafirm
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