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How To Put On Compression Stockings

How To Put On Compression Stockings

To put on a regular pair of socks, most people scrunch them up, stick their foot in, and pull. It’s pretty easy. Try this with a compression stocking and you’ll get nowhere fast! Check out our new donning video which demonstrates 3 different ways to easily and properly put on a pair of support socks. This short video will demonstrate the heel pocket method, how to use rubber donning gloves, and how to use a Stocking Donner.

The heel pocket method works very well for stockings that are thicker or have a lot of compression. Sheer and less firm stockings are best put on with donning gloves. The gloves protect the delicate fabric from snags and runs and gives you a better grip on the fabric.

Here's how to put your socks on in 4 simple steps:

Step 1:

With the sock turned right side out, reach inside and grab the heel of the stocking.

Step 2:

Holding onto the heel of the sock, turn it inside out, stopping at the heel. This creates a "pocket" to stick your foot into.

Step 3:

Slide your foot all the way into the sock, just over the back of the heel. Adjust the toe and heel areas to make sure they are in the right place. Make sure the sock isn't twisted around!


Step 4:

Grab the top of the sock and pull it over your heel and up your leg. The sock should rest about two finger-widths below the crease of your knee.

Other Options:

The metal frame Stocking Donner is a great solution if you have difficulty bending or crossing your legs. Stocking Donners are available in regular size, wide-calf size and even a specially designed two-leg donner for pantyhose.

Need more help? Check out this video on how to quickly and easily don your compression socks:


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