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Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Ready to shop for the holidays? It’s never too early to start buying gifts for your loved ones. Shopping early gives you time to find something unique and lets you feel more prepared. If you don’t feel ready to shop yet, you will be after you check out our specially curated gift guide! This year may look different, but the holidays can still be filled with magic. Our 2020 Gift Guide is composed of online-only purchases and will help you shop for even the most difficult person on your list. So, get snuggled in and do your shopping online this year. Also, in the spirit of giving we’re only sharing small businesses, so you won't find any Amazon purchases here. But you will find gifts created with care. Support small businesses, like us, and diversify your shopping this year 

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Coconut Cilantro Chutney
Crafted with organic ingredients this sauce "balances heat with just the right amount of sweet". This sauce is an exclusive mixture of Somalia cuisine with a rare American flair. Use it on anything that needs a a little extra flavor.
perfect cookie
The Perfect Cookie
Classic cookies, the best bars and brownies, this bake-book has it all. With pictures, knowledge on the science of baking, and time-saving tips, this book is a must have for any baker's kitchen. Two recipes are for blackberry bliss bars and brown sugar cookies. Need I say more?
allegro couple socks
Compression Socks
The chef in your life will fall in love with these compression socks. Designed to keep circulation and blood flow moving up the leg, these socks are for people standing by the stove on their feet all day. By helping with circulation they prevent the fatigued, swollen and achy legs that come with all that standing.
salt fat acid heat netflix
Salt Fat Acid Heat
This book is from the popular Netflix show of the same title. Here's what Chef Alice Waters has to say about it, "this beautiful, approachable book not only teaches you how to cook, but captures how it should feel to cook: full of exploration, spontaneity and joy."
ember mug
Ember Mug
It's finally here, a temperature controlled mug! "The Apple watch of tumblers" this cup lets you set a precise temperature so that every sip is as delicious and fresh as the first. This mug is for the person who gets tied up at work (or home) and can't get to their coffee before it turns ice cold (ew).
lavender pillow
Calming Lavender Heat Pillow
Warm this up in the microwave, or cool it in the fridge, before placing it on your neck or shoulder. When the barley is heated it emits a long lasting, muscle relaxing warmth. When cold it offers calming relief for swelling or bruising. The lavender creates a luxurious, relaxing scent that will help anyone unwind after a stressful work day.
Cotton Robe
This comfy, cozy, cotton robe is the ultimate gift of relaxation. Owned by a couple living in the United States, this shop has unique patterns to emphasize the funky, fun and colorful styles. 
4 piece bar set
Bar Set
No time to mess around with and just want a well-deserved drink? A Bar Above brings you the best of the basics with their 4 Piece Craft Bar Set. This core kit includes the tools you need to make most common cocktails: a trusty two-piece Boston shaker, a Hawthorne strainer with extra-tight spring and a two-sided Jigger with measurement lines all the way down to 1/4 oz!
mom fuel
Mom Fuel Mug
It's important to start the day right, so let her sip her coffee, tea, or whatever it is mom drinks to get her through the day in this cute, campfire style mug. 
spa mom
Spa Gift Box
An at home spa is what every woman wants. This cute gift box says I love you and I care about you. Filled with bath bombs, lip balm, a candle and more, the mom in your life will be grateful and more relaxed.
house shoes
Mahabis Slippers
These house shoes are the Queen of all slippers. With a soft wool lining, durable soles and an adaptable foam bed for any foot the mom in your life will be happy at home, living in comfort and style.
RejuvaHealth Leggings
Give the gift of comfort and fashion with these leggings. She can wear these leggings to the gym, while pregnant or at work and her legs will look and feel their absolute best. These leggings are not just fashionable, they also help eliminate varicose and spider veins. 
mom reading
Book of the Month
Give the gift of leisure with a book subscription. The Book of the Month is a service that sends one book a month, of the readers choosing, and can be cancelled at any time. "Technically a book subscription. But in reality, so much more."
mason coffee
Cold Brew at Home
The Rumble Jar is the answer to life's biggest question: should I spend money on a supreme cup of coffee or make sub-par coffee at home? The Rumble Jar lets you save money AND make delicious coffee at home. It's unique design and delicious coffee has even won awards. Give the gift of barista quality coffee at home.
laptop stand
Laptop Stand
A laptop stand is essential for anyone working from home or in school. It's adjustable, light, and easily attaches to the laptop. This stand is setting a new bar for what laptop stands can do, while winning design awards.
A Box of Sunshine
Give the gift of light and life with this succulent package. A sunny candle, matches to light it and a live succulent in a cute pot are all included in this gift box. They'll think of you and smile every time they light their candle or glance at their thriving, little succulent.
phone stand wooden etsy
Phone Stand
Check out this wooden phone stand that's made in Ohio. It's perfect for hands-free phone use such as Facetime, cooking with an online recipe or playing music. 
kid keychain
Kid's Drawing Keychain
A special way to keep a child's drawing close forever, this creator lovingly transforms the child's adorable drawings into a memento that can be carried every day by attaching it to a set of keys. Whoever get's this gift will cry tears of joy.
instant pedicure honey
Heel Scrub
A bottle of love for your feet! Honey Heel Glaze is an instant pedicure. Carefully and sustainably extracted, this glaze is handcrafted on a Texas farm. Made with a serum of wildflowers and honey, the scrub seals in moisture to rejuvenate tired feet.
coal game
Give the naughty person in your life the gift of coal. But make it fun, with this tic-tac-toe game! 
cork cardholder
Cork Cardholder
This thin wallet is made of cork, so it's as unique as it is durable. "Imprinted with the traits of the tree that produced it, cork leather is not only durable, versatile and simple to maintain, but incredibly beautiful and ecologically sound."
copper picks
Copper Picks
Move over, bamboo and plastic. These gorgeous copper cocktail picks are reusable, glam and make a great stocking stuffer! Freshly-launched, the Copper Cocktail Picks are perfect for cocktails, but also great for hors d'oeuvres or used as sandwich picks. The perfect length for your Martini, Coupe, Old Fashioned or Bucket glass, these picks are ready to make your cocktail--or your Zoom appetizer party-shine!
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