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New Harmony Armsleeves and Gauntlets from Mediven

New Harmony Armsleeves and Gauntlets from Mediven

I hate to share this news, but the Medi 95 series of lymphedema products is getting discontinued! Fortunately, the new line of Medi armsleeves and gauntlets are even better. WE PROMISE. The new line is called Harmony and they’re already available on our site.

So, what’s so great about Harmony? We’ll tell you:

  • Detail of Ellipse on Harmony ArmsleeveThe elbow has “ellipses” in the fabric. Your elbow and inner elbow require the most flexibility and range of motion in an armsleeve. Mediven has changed the stitching and fabric texture here to improve comfort and range of motion, so no more uncomfortable wrinkles or stiff arm. These markings also help you get proper placement of the sleeve on your arm.


  • The interior fabric features a new massaging texture. You can see the difference in fabric (shown on right) and feel it immediately. The rigged fabric stimulates the lymphatic system under the skin to help move fluid.



  • More sizes! Harmony comes in 14 different sizes, with extra wide options for the upper arm – which means you’ll find a better fit.

Harmony will be available in both 20-30 mmHg and 30-40 mmHg. In the armsleeve, you’ll have the option of a silicone dot band or no top band at all. Currently the gauntlet and armsleeve combination and an armsleeve with the silicone top band are available. Armsleeves without the top band and gauntlets will be available to order on April 15th, 2014.

If you’re really attached to the 95 Series of Medi products, I suggest you shop now. Once the inventory in our warehouse is gone – we won’t be able to order more!

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