Great Lymphedema Blogs and Communities

One of the greatest things about the internet is how you can find a community of people around the world who have shared interests or experiences. Lymphedema is a disease that affects millions of people globally, but it can feel isolating if you don’t know anyone who is managing the same symptoms and challenges.

Cue the wonders of the internet! There are tons of amazing women and men out there who are writing about their experiences with lymphedema online – these are great forums to join the conversation and make connections with women and men who understand your daily challenges. We wanted to share some of our favorite resources, so that anyone who is looking for a community can find one. If you have any suggestions, please share so we can add to our list.

The Lymphie Life – Alexa shares tons of great information on lymphedema and opens up about her personal experience with lymphedema in her right leg. Whether you’re looking for tips and tricks, support, or want to read stories of other people’s journeys with lymphedema, The Lymphie Life is the place to be!

Little Miss Lucia’s Lymphoedema Life – This blog covers the story of a strong, young girl named Lucia. She was born with lymphedema. Through this blog, we come along for the ride with Lucia and her family as she grows up.

My Lymph Node Transplant – Helen is documenting her journey through a lymphnode transplant to help lymphoedema in both legs. Helen shares stories from other women in addition to her own, as well as news and updates about lymphedema research.

Coping with Lymphedema – Lindsay is positive and honest and very active! She shares stories about her every day challenges and how she overcomes them.

Lymphedema Girl – Liz has Primary Lymphedema in one leg. She created her blog to “interact with other Lymphedema patients and share knowlege regarding treatment, self management and thoughts about living with Lymphedema.”

Lymphedema Diary – Britta was diagnosed with lymphedema in her leg over 15 years ago. She writes with honesty and humor, sharing her thoughts and recommendations on symptom management, every day life and more. Discussion Boards – These boards are a great place to ask questions, find answers, and connect with other women with lymphedema related to breast cancer treatment.  Boards range in topic from “All Things Gloves and Sleeves” to “Important Links for Newbies.”

Lymphedema Community – Exactly what it sounds like! This site has over 1700 members connecting and discussing everything related to lymphedema. Members can post blog entries or stories directly to the community.

Lymphie Strong - this awesome blogger hosts a variety of lymphedema challenges you can join in on social media. Veronica covers a variety of helpful topics, tips and virtual events on her blog and social media. Check out her page to get in on the fun!

Lymphosaurus Rex - Sarah shares her story and tips about life with primary lymphedema. Her goal is to help raise awareness. Check out her blog for tips, great information and more.

Anything I should add?

We of course want to be a resource for you as well. So, if you have questions about lymphedema products – we’re here to help.

By Brita @ BrightLife Direct

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