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Customer Favorite Compression Accessories

Customer Favorite Compression Accessories

Accessories make everything better. They can take an outfit from drab to fab and, in the case of compression socks and sleeves, accessories make your life EASIER. In other blog posts we have talked about aids to help you get your socks on and off as well as how to wash your compression garments. What we haven’t covered is the variety of accessories BrightLife Direct offers.

Stocking donners and doffers are excellent accessories, but let’s take a look at the items outside of that category that our customers love.

First is the It Stays Body Adhesive, a gentle roll-on body adhesive that takes the place of a garter belt or silicone band to keep your stockings and sleeves in place all day. You simply roll it on to skin and press the article in place.It Stays washes off with water and is pliable so it moves with your skin. Fun fact: It Stays is the number one choice for beauty pageant contestants to keep swimsuit bottoms in place during judging. The uses go beyond pageants and compression garments, it can be used for shoulder straps, bra straps, wigs, toupees, theatrical make-up devices and more!

Customer reviews are plentiful and positive. One reviewer wrote:

“It's wonderful. I wear super support hose and with your product they last much longer and stay up much better. Thank you.”

Next is the Compression Assist Donning Aide, since this isn’t a traditional donning tool and it does so much more, I’m mentioning it here. This hypoallergenic spray does make getting your compression stockings on a breeze, but it also allows you to easily adjust and remove your stockings, it reduces wrinkling/creasing and increases wearing comfort.

Another fan favorite is ALPS Fitting Lotion. This lotion helps your stockings glide on but has an added bonus, it protects sensitive skin, makes dry skin feel silky smooth and it helps prevent garments from snagging. It’s made from 100% silicone and contains no perfumes or dyes. Additionally, it isn’t just for compression, it is used with prosthetic's as well.

Customers have said:

“For anyone wearing compression stockings-this is a God sent product. It makes putting the garments on much easier”

“Use with leg prosthesis. By using lotion prior to putting on leg prosthesis-insures comfort. Highly recommend”

Wearing compression garments on a regular basis can really dry out your skin, making legs and arms flaky and itchy. Using regular lotions can make it difficult to put your compression garments on and can reduce the lifespan of the fabric. BrightLife Direct offers a selection of compression-friendly lotions and creams that keep your skin soft and smooth and won’t harm your compression stockings or sleeves. Lymphoderm Body Lotion is an all natural, pH balancing lotion that softens skin, soothes irritation and is ideal for those with lymphedema.

Take a look at the full selection of skin care products offered by BrightLife Direct.

If you wear bandages regularly, the EZ-Roller Bandage Roller is for you. This product makes it easy to quickly re-roll elastic and non-elastic bandages, while being lightweight and portable. The tension can be easily adjusted, it works with any size bandage, and the handle can be switched to accommodate right or left handed users. The Lohmann & Rauscher Bandage Roller is very easy to use and is great for those who regularly wash and re-use bandages. It comes with a bracket for mounting on any flat surface, when not in use it can be taken out of the bracket holder and stored for next time.

If you prefer to wash your compression hosiery and other delicates in the washing machine, the Juzo Laundry Bag is perfect for you. Using a laundry bag is an inexpensive way to prevent snags, tangling and stretching. The flow-thru mesh bag lets water circulate freely for through cleaning. A zipper pull pocket prevents the zipper pull from catching on other items in the wash. This product has abundant reviews from happy customers.

BrightLife Direct offers a range of accessories designed to put it on, hold it up, take it off, wash it and more. We’re sure you will find something to make your life easier and better. Let us know in the comments which of our accessories is your favorite. If you need help finding the right one for you, our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives are here to help.

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