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Fall Bucket List Essentials

Fall Bucket List Essentials

The fall season is rapidly approaching, bringing festivities for all ages, cooler weather colorful, changing leaves, crisp air and autumn decorations. Every year, there are certain things that we want to accomplish – a bucket list. While each person’s bucket list might look slightly different compared to others, there are specific staples you can find in every person’s bucket list.

Go to a cider mill

Whether you’re going with grandkids, your significant other or by yourself, going to a cider mill during the fall time is a must. They offer fun events for kids, during the fall and Halloween, and various U-pick options for produce and other goods.

Take inventory of your compression garments

Man and woman wearing compression socks while sitting outside with a child

Start off the season right by checking how long have you’ve had your compression garments. If it has been six months or more, you should order replacements. Also check if there are any holes, runs or tears in your garments. Consider the cooler temperatures and if warmer or closed-toe garments would be beneficial.

Visit a pumpkin patch

Going to a pumpkin patch and picking out the perfect pumpkin for the porch is a great bonding experience for any age. It exposes kids to sensory learning and critical thinking skills, while also making fun family memories. The carved pumpkins can be displayed with any colorful and interesting gourds for your porch or fall decorating. Keep the pumpkin seeds during the carving process and roast them with this recipe! Eating pumpkin seeds have many benefits: high in fiber and protein, reduced risk of getting some cancers, including breast, lung, prostate and colon, and improving of heart and bladder health.

Watching football games

Football is one of the anticipated fall sports that brings together groups of people. Whether you’re watching a local high school game or having an NFL watch party with your friends and family, it’s exciting and a thrill for all ages. Dressing warm for the chill of the fall wind makes watching outdoor games enjoyable and comfortable.

Change smoke detector and carbon monoxide batteries

While changing your clock back an hour, due to Daylight Saving Time, also change the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms. The batteries should be changed 1-2 times a year, when the clock loses and gains an hour. These devices are your early warning to get out of your house safely during an emergency.

Winterize outdoor furniture

Whether you are an avid grill master or consistently keep up with your lawn in the summer, the fall weather signals a beginning to stowing the furniture away. To keep your furniture lasting long and through the winter, put it in a cool, dry place – like in a shed or under a tarp. For lawnmowers, upkeep the type of material, meaning store it indoors in an environment best for material it's made of - usually steel, aluminum alloy or plastic-, drain the oil, remove and sharpen the blades, disconnect the spark plug and clean the mowing deck, and remove the necessary parts of the lawn mower.

As the fall season comes in full swing, it’s time to start checking activities off your fall bucket list. Whether it be from your list or ours, it’s always a great time to begin the seasonal festivities and preparation for winter. What items are on your list? Let us know!

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