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Best Socks for Teachers

Best Socks for Teachers

Sockwell Teacher

My family is full of teachers whether blood or honorary and the one complaint I hear most often (aside from grading papers) is - "My feet and legs hurt!" After a long day of standing and teaching who can blame them? Many teachers spend a good majority of the day on their feet. In my mom's case she happens to be an English professor. Her field, of course, requires lengthy discussions of literature which for added effect sound better standing up, or if you are Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society standing on your desk reading Walt Whitman's O Captain! My Captain! Long story short, your feet and legs are tired after all is said and done. Standing for hours puts a huge amount of stress on your circulatory system - it has to fight gravity to get blood from your feet to your heart for fresh oxygen. This causes cramping, heavy legs and even varicose and spider veins. The good thing about these problems is they are easily fixed, especially with BrightLife's compression line. BrightLife offers professional and comfortable compression socks in different lengths and styles. Either way it is possible to be stylish and comfortable while teaching! My favorite styles from this collection are:

Rejuva Compression Socks
Designed for women by women. These socks combine style and substance. Available in both light and moderate compression, with an extra wide and comfortable top band and fun patterns.



Top and Derby Compression Socks
These fun, geometric shaped socks come in 3 great color schemes and are designed for men and women. Perfect for a long day on your feet.

Top and Derby Socks

Sigvaris Thigh Highs and Pantyhose
Available in a variety of colors and patterns, these full length stockings work great with skirts, dresses and even under pants.

Sigvaris Allure Stockings

Sockwell Compression Socks
Available in a variety of colors. A professional sock (especially in classic patterns like argyle) with the health benefits of graduated compression and arch support.


Want to see more styles on how you can wear our compression socks and hosiery? Visit our Pinterest page for more outfits. Confused about compression socks? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more.

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